Help kickstart Rare Groove.

If you would like to support our project by making a donation, as a token of our gratitude, we’ll provide you with free $GROOVE tokens. These tokens are solely intended to show our appreciation for your support. 

Please note that receiving $GROOVE tokens is not an investment, and they do not represent any ownership or future profit-sharing in our project. You must have no expectations of profit from the work of others.

Send funds to the wallet address below. Do not donate from a centralised exchange “you will not get any points” only donate from your personal wallet is Metamask – click here to download metamask wallet. 

$GROOVE tokens could have a distinct purpose within our ecosystem – they could grant access to special features, privileges, and experiences exclusively available to our community members. 

$GROOVE tokens are strictly tokens of utility, serving as a means to access various FEATURES within our platform

Your donation is a vote of confidence in our growth, and we’re excited to share this token of appreciation with you. 

$1 USDC / DAI = 10,000 GRV