Harnessing The Power of Blockchain Technology With Peer-to-Peer NFT Tickets & Tokenized Assets

A new era in entertainment is about to emerge, where entertainers and fans can collaborate and succeed together in a more fair and honest environment, free from the constraints of centralized labels and studios. At Rare Groove, we could be making this vision a reality through our unique web3 platform that directly connects entertainers with fans using blockchain technology. Our vision is to revolutionize the entertainment industry & remove middlemen with peer-to-peer features like NFT tickets & royalties all bought and sold inside our marketplace. Join us and potentially be part of the decentralized future in music & entertainment. Welcome to Rare Groove.




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Our platform will embrace multiple blockchains such as PulseChain, Polygon & Ethereum. We aim to accommodate and onboard new users from all eco-systems.

NFT Tickets

Buy, sell & trade NFT tickets and watch top entertainers live, or within the Metaverse. These unique tickets will be stamped with a QR code when deployed. Our platform also facilitates live airdrops throughout events.

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Entertainers can create NFT collections that transform assets such as rights and ownership, royalties, masters and limited edition items into NFTs. This opens up amazing new opportunities where fans and entertainers can succeed and thrive together.

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Profile Tokenization

Entertainers can tokenize their identity and add their unique token addresses on their profile, enabling fans to trade these tokens on a DEX and own part of the entertainer’s personal brand.


Rare Groove


Rare Groove is based on the idea of a fully decentralised peer-to-peer NFT platform created as a place where fans and entertainers can collaborate and succeed together without centralized control.

Enabling peer-to-peer transactions in industries such as Music, Film & Live Events to independently launch Tickets & collectables inside the real world and the Metaverse. Blockchain technology has enabled highly centralized industries to finally become decentralized allowing entertainers to thrive and succeed in a more fair and collaborative environment.


Independently launch collectables, tickets & VIP passes for events in the real world and the Metaverse ☑️ cheaper transactions / low gas fees ☑️ fee burning ☑️ bulk upload ☑️ list thousands of tickets and collectables for sale in seconds ☑️ conduct live airdrops from our website ☑️ Buy, sell, trade tickets & collectables ☑️


VR & The Metaverse

Get ready to step into a whole new dimension of live events and entertainment with the power of VR inside the Metaverse.

Discover a world of exclusive experiences with NFT tickets that unlock access to unforgettable virtual spectacles. Gain entry to electrifying live performances that will leave you breathless. With new innovations in blockchain technology, AI and VR the future for this space is looking very bright.

Token Utility

Premium Discord

$Groove tokens could be used to upgrade to premium and get access to a private discord group with exclusive early ticket drops


The marketplace fee is 2.3% on every transaction. 0.05% could be used to buy and burn $Groove

Mine Rewards

$Groove could be used to earn yield. lock it up and get rewarded. 0.25% of marketplace fees could be used to re-supply rewards pool for stakers

Buy NFTs

$Groove could be used as a means to buy NFTs on our Platform

Token is Deflationary

Token Allocation


  • 20% Community
  • 20% Team
  • 10% Rewards
  • 20% Ecosystem
  • 10% Treasury
  • 20% LP

Frequency Asked Questions

$Groove is a cryptocurrency utility token which provides access to special features inside an NFT Marketplace called Rare Groove connecting entertainers with fans directly using PEER-TO-PEER blockchain technology.

Yes, it’s safe. You won’t need to deposit funds into the platform to get your tokens. Most of the PulseChain community will receive it for free via an airdrop. This makes it safer for you and your assets in your wallet.

$Groove airdrop should take place mid – late 2023